Discover Amador County

Discover Amador County

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Between flights of Montevina wines, you might want to squeeze in a few other activities while you’re in Amador County. Our Sierra home provides ample outdoor activities, mixed with a little gold rush historical interest, and seasoned with periodic special events. How about touring a gold mine? Playing some golf? Camping? Skiing? Fishing? No, no there probably just isn’t time for these things. But if you insist, visit the web sites below for a list of ideas and seasonal events. Be selective – many of these activities do not necessarily involve drinking wine.

Read more at the Amador County Chamber of Commerce website.

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Situated at the epicenter of the Mother Lode, Amador County boomed during the California Gold Rush in the second half of the 1800’s. Gold was mined and then spent in wildly profitable gambling houses, drinking establishments, and bawdy houses (oh, and then people bought lumber, food, and provisions if there was anything left over). The massive influx of people to the area brought many different cultures and traditions that are still apparent today. Italian immigrants, for instance, brought with them grapevines and established vineyards. While there is still said to be more gold left in the area than was ever taken out, mining has become an insignificant fraction of the area’s industry, while grape growing and winemaking has become one of the leading contributors to Amador County’s economy. Took us a century or so, but we finally got our priorities right around here.

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